Custom Furniture Design

I enjoy designing custom furniture, Built-Ins and Vanities for my clients.

Here is one of my favourite pieces.

My client felt she didn’t have enough room for all of her clothing and jewelry, plus her husband really likes to not have any clutter, so my client really wanted enough storage where she could put all of her clothes and not have any clutter on the outside of the piece of furniture, keeping her treasures inside where she could smile everytime she opened her dresser.

Her husband had a highboy style dresser designed and built by a local maker, 20 years ago.

For this project we really wanted to create a dresser that looked like it belonged with her husband’s dresser, but also be able to stand on it’s own, with the design parameters we out in place.

In the original concept I wanted to use burled maple, but we decided to use birds eye maple since it was readily available locally. I’ve always found that local sourcing of wood to be the best route to go.

Here are the concepts that the client approved and I presented to the furniture maker.


During the process of deciding on the final finish, my client fell in love with the dyed wood, and really who could blame her, the dyed wood is such a visually pleasing aesthetic. I’m happy we chose this direction over the painted wood of the concept.




Here is the Before Dresser that my client had.

More projects to unveil, stay tuned.

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