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Our Outdoor Living Design Service is exclusively available to clients who are also working with us for their interior project. We’ve found that when the inside is considered along with outdoor space, you’ll receive a far more cohesive experience.

Let’s improve your curb appeal and design functional outdoor areas where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Our design philosophy is your garden and outdoor areas should be as low maintenance as possible.

For our residential interior design clients we offer outdoor living as an added service. Below are two case studies to review.


After – Light, Bright with Front Door Access

Before – Dark interiors with the tree overhang, and no way for guests to access front door.

Why Outdoor Living Design?

Increased Value

Property owners that boost their curb appeal with a well designed front yard increase their property value by 5-13%


Promotes Happiness

When you are able to use your outdoor space in a way that suits you and your family’s lifestyle, the outdoors creates delight and becomes an extension of your happy home. 


Saves Time

My approach is to focus on a well designed landscape that creates less weeding, less watering and less maintenance all together!

After – Peaceful with many places to rejuvenate.

Before – Old plants with no visual interest or reason to be outside.


After – A fun play space with chess, hottub, grilling area, undercover seating and undercover dining

After – A welcoming Front Entry

After – Calming time by the lavender and the pool

After – A welcoming Front Entrance

Unlocking the Advantages of Outdoor Living in Vacation Rentals


Discover the Exclusive Benefits of Collaborating with Us for Your Vacation Rental’s Outdoor Spaces


Creating warm and inviting outdoor living spaces is a pivotal element in making a vacation rental truly stand out and resonate with potential guests. The significance of these spaces goes far beyond mere aesthetics, extending to the very heart of a guest’s experience and the marketability of your property. Here’s why emphasizing outdoor living spaces can make your vacation rental an irresistible choice:

Emotional Appeal:

Outdoor living spaces have a unique ability to evoke emotions and create lasting memories. Imagine your guests savoring a cup of coffee on a sunlit terrace or sharing stories around a crackling fire pit under the stars. These experiences create a warm and emotional connection, making your vacation rental a place they’ll fondly remember.

Versatility and Enjoyment:

Versatile outdoor spaces cater to a wide range of guest preferences. Whether it’s a secluded garden, a spacious deck with panoramic views, or a cozy patio with comfortable seating, providing diverse outdoor options ensures that guests can tailor their experience to match their desires, enhancing overall enjoyment.

Photogenic Allure:

  • The visual appeal of well-designed outdoor spaces translates into stunning photographs. In our age of social media and online booking platforms, captivating images are key to attracting potential guests. A beautifully landscaped garden or a stylish outdoor lounge area not only enhances your property’s online presence but also makes it more shareable and enticing.

Year-Round Attraction:

  • An intelligently designed outdoor space can be enjoyed in any season. Highlighting features such as hottubs, cozy fireplaces, or covered patios demonstrates the year-round appeal of your vacation rental. This adaptability enhances the marketability of your property, attracting guests throughout the entire calendar year.

Entertainment Hub:

  • Outdoor spaces become the natural hub for entertainment. Features like barbecue grills, outdoor kitchens, or even simple picnic areas can transform your vacation rental into an entertainment destination. This adds value for guests looking for a complete and enjoyable experience during their stay.

Wellness and Relaxation:

  • In an era where wellness is a priority for many travelers, outdoor living spaces contribute to a sense of relaxation and well-being. Guests can rejuvenate in nature, enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and the therapeutic benefits of outdoor surroundings. Highlighting these aspects enhances the appeal of your property to health-conscious travelers.

Competitive Edge:

  • In a crowded vacation rental market, properties that invest in and showcase attractive outdoor living spaces gain a competitive edge. Guests are more likely to choose accommodations that offer a well-rounded experience, combining the comforts of indoor living with the pleasures of outdoor relaxation.

In essence, emphasizing the importance of outdoor living spaces not only adds a touch of warmth and charm to your vacation rental but also elevates its marketability.

By creating a unique, visually appealing, and emotionally resonant outdoor experience, you position your property as an inviting haven for travelers seeking not just

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