Last week in the One Room Challenge™, the trim had just been installed. This week we had the cabinets installed and the counters put in!

I didn’t have time to paint all the trim before the cabinets came in, so I painted the lower corner by the far left window that would be difficult to paint after the cabinet install.

The appliances and lights all got delivered and are all stacked here awaiting installation by the electrician.

One of the cabinets came with an extra hole in the door that did not get caught by the cabinet makers quality control team, so they are making me another door.

I got all the trim painted, woo hoo! Next are the final coats of the white wall paint.

I primed the fireplace (and all the doors) with an oil based primer so that subsequent coats of paint stay without scratching or flaking off.

I haven’t mentioned the lighting in any previous posts, but these images below capture the spirit that I was going for. The lights will look similar, but will not be exactly the same as what is pictured below!



I am saving the full effect for the big reveal next week, but here is a glimpse along with our first meal in this house not made on a campstove or the grill outside!


And yes, we used the oven.

Here is the ash slab that I am making the live edge floating shelves out of for the kitchen sink side of the room. It looks a little rough here, but after lots of sanding they look pretty great!

I’ve mentioned the pantry several times over the last few posts, but I highly doubt it will get done in time. Do look for it in a future post though.

That’s it for this week in the One Room Challenge™.  Next week I’ll show you the whole kitchen.

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