Color Consultation


Let’s choose the perfect color for your home.

There are many factors in choosing the perfect color, the quality of light in your home, the other furnishings and finishes (trim, floors, interior lighting) all affect how you see that particular color. What looks great in one person’s home, looks completely different in yours.

I have a great process for choosing colors for your space.  We will meet, tour your home and narrow down color choices. I’ll give you instructions for observing the narrowed down colors and then we’ll paint the samples on your wall at our second meeting. The first meeting is up to 90 minutes and the second visit is 30 minutes.

We also can talk about other design solutions for your home or office during this consult if we have extra time.

We will contact you and schedule a time to meet, once you’ve booked your appointment.




Color and Finishes Consultation

Transform your space with a personalized Color and Finishes Consultation! 🎨🏡

Discover the magic of tailored color choices and exquisite finishes ((tile, rugs, flooring, countertop materials etc) for your home or office. Our proven process begins with a comprehensive 90-minute meeting where we’ll tour your space and narrow down the perfect colors and finishes for your style.

Afterwards, you’ll receive precise instructions for observing the selected options, and at our second 30-minute meeting, we’ll bring those choices to life by painting samples directly on your walls.

Ready to take the first step towards a beautifully designed environment? Let’s create a space that reflects your unique style. I can’t wait to meet you and embark on this exciting design journey together.

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Elevate your space. Elevate your style.