Interior Design Consult


Purchase a two hour interior design consultation.

We will contact you and schedule a time to meet.

Our office hours are Tues-Fri 9-5



  • Discuss what your overall vision is. And if you don’t have an overall vision, that is where my super power comes in, I love using my curiosity blended with my intuition to discover what is needed most in your space so that you can feel great in your space.
  • Brainstorm ways of using your space have more efficiently
  • We can talk about Space Planning, Construction, Window Coverings, Furniture, Soft Furnishings, Rugs, Lighting, Finishes, etc

If you would like discuss colours for your home or office, please choose the Colour Consultation Package — we can talk about all of the above in the colour consultation as well!

This is the first step in developing our design relationship. I look forward to meeting you.