Interior Design Consult


Purchase a two hour interior design consultation.

We will contact you and schedule a time to meet.

Our office hours are Tues-Fri 9-5



  • Discuss what your overall vision is. And if you don’t have an overall vision, that is where my super power comes in, I love using my curiosity blended with my intuition to discover what is needed most in your space so that you can feel great in your space.
  • Brainstorm ways of using your space have more efficiently
  • We can talk about Window Coverings, Furniture, Soft Furnishings, Rugs, Lighting, Finishes, etc

If you would like discuss colours for your home or office, please choose the Colour Consultation Package — we can talk about all of the above in the colour consultation as well!

This is the first step in developing our design relationship. I look forward to meeting you.

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