Vacation Rental Design, Breckenridge Colorado. A case study for a phased approach in increasing your profit margins and guest satisfaction in the vacation rental market in Summit County, CO.


In the picturesque town of Breckenridge, Colorado, my clients approached me to embark on a journey to transform their dated ski-in and ski-out vacation rental home into a stunning retreat. Hailing from both New Orleans and Miami, they sought to infuse a touch of joie de vivre into their Summit County getaway.



Vacation Home Design Goals and Challenges:

After a successful first season of renting out their property, the owners, who spend four months each year in this scenic location, approached me to elevate the design of their townhouse.

Our mission for Phase 1 was to achieve impactful updates within a specified budget, aiming to enhance the guest experience, increase bookings, and receive positive feedback.

The owners were already doing many things right, but the process had become overwhelming to figure out the next steps for this year and what to leave for subsequent years.

One common challenge we encountered was the prevalence of dated vacation homes in the area that often looked alike. To stand out in a competitive market, we opted for a modern aesthetic with a nod to mid-century modern (MCM).



The transformation involved refreshing the interior with a cohesive color scheme, updating light fixtures, and strategically choosing bold art and rugs. Goodbye dingy taupe walls!



Overcoming Design Hurdles:

Addressing the dated orange tones in the cabinetry, counters, and tile floors presented a unique challenge, giving the space an early ’90s mishmash of warm tones that didn’t quite work anymore. With the large windows, we aimed to maximize the light inside and highlight the new, beautiful, eye-catching light fixtures.

In Phase 1, we focused on refreshing the overall ambiance, leaving the kitchen’s dated elements for future phases. Choosing the right paint color became crucial.

As an aside, when my client went to pick up a paint sample I had specified, the woman at the paint store, who had never seen the inside of the property, made such a fuss about the color we had chosen that my client spent the next three hours looking at the colors the “paint expert” had suggested. (A Designer’s Nightmare.)

My client didn’t find this person’s suggestions funny and was quite stressed about it.

I quickly reassured my client that the color we had chosen was the best for the space, considering the light conditions, the height of the ceiling, and our goal of minimizing the orange tones throughout the home.

This is a quick example of why having a designer well-versed in color choose your colors after seeing all the elements that will affect the final outcome is crucial.

The text I received from my client after the painters came and painted the colors I had specified was “I LOVE IT!”

Moral of the Story:

Trust your designer, and ignore well-meaning paint experts in the stores.



While the kitchen still looks dated, my clients love to cook, and their kitchen has great appliances. It is incredibly well-stocked with kitchen items well past the essentials, all labeled for ease of putting items away.


Basement Revitalization:

The basement, lacking warmth, received a makeover with a new comfortable queen bed, a pull-out trundle, and vibrant, happy-feeling light-enhancing art. Phase 2 will introduce a captivating mural in the living room, further enhancing the space.

My clients had already updated the downstairs sofa, and we rearranged a few things, adding additional seating to complement the multitude of games my client already had for guests to use.


Primary Bedroom Upgrades:


Upstairs, the primary bedroom underwent significant changes, including updated end tables. My client painted them herself and updated the hardware, continuing the cohesive color scheme that ties the entire vacation rental together.


Phase 1 Big Changes Were:

  • Wall and ceiling colors throughout the entire space.
  • Three new eye-catching light fixtures.
  • New bold art and rugs throughout the property.
  • A cohesive color scheme throughout the whole vacation rental that minimized the many orange tones throughout the home.
  • Some new furniture to replace the more dated pieces.
  • Staging Instructions for the cleaners, resulting in a space that is cohesive for each new guest.



Looking Ahead to Phase 2:

Excitement builds as we anticipate Phase 2 in the upcoming spring, where further updates and enhancements will continue to redefine this Breckenridge retreat. We welcome your thoughts on the Phase 1 changes and look forward to sharing more as the project unfolds.


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