This is by far my favourite bathroom, I always design for my clients, but I personally would love this bathroom in my own home! While we decided not to move the placement of the tub, toilet and sink, this tiny bathroom was a full gut, due to the mold and plaster cracked walls.

What is Victorian Style?

Victorian style, encompasses a broad range of definitions and timeline. In Britain and France, architectural styles were often named after the reigning monarch, and depending what country you were in, the timeline for this architectual style ranged from the mid 1850’s through to 1910. Victorian architecture also ranges in complexity and details. The most commonly known style of Victorian Architecture is the Grand Queen Anne style, with houses painted in multiple colors, and “gingerbread” ornamentation. These houses had many details and ornamentation, inside and out.

Queen Anne Victorian House

As time went on, the Victorian styling, got a little simpler, with Folk Victorian Style. While there was still pattern and ornamentation, the use of complex trims and moldings got simpler. Here is an example of a Folk Victorian Kitchen.

What is French Hotel Inspired?

This client has spent some time living in France, and part of our design direction with this home was to bring cherished memories into the present day.

We chose the black and the white to represent the classic timeless french style, bringing detail and pattern onto the walls, floor, sink and the front of the custom cabinet doors. Also, the footprint of this bathroom is 6’x6′, so tiny, which you’ll also find a lot of in France.

Before the Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom lacked storage and counter space, didn’t have adequate lighting and there was a soffit above the sink that made the tiny bathroom feel even smaller than it’s 6’x6′ footprint.

The Brass shower surround is original, along with the brass faucet, likely matching the bathtub in age, which has a 1913 stamped on the bottom of it.


Victorian Bathroom Renovation. Black and White Tile


 After the Renovation

The custom designed and built vanity quadrupled the amount of storage available, and by wall mounting the faucet, we had enough room for the artist edition sink.

Stay tuned for part 2, where we show you the behind the scenes and the build of the bathroom.

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