We love designing spaces your body and mind adore being in!
Offering interior and landscape design with a focus on creating holistic healthy spaces that reflect how you want to feel.
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“I found working with Lora to be an easy and enjoyable process. We are delighted with the end result!”

Jane S


“Lora’s knowledge of plants, trees and shrubs was impressive. She understood what I wanted and created a plan. Lora created what two previous contractors had not been able to do.”

Lisa R

Expressive Arts Facilitator

“What I love most about our new design is how it flows with the land, it feels as if it has always been here.”

Nicole F



From Mature Builder Basic to Welcoming French Provincial

As often happens, my clients renovate both inside and outside their homes. In this case the homeowners had just finished their extensive remodel and wanted old world touches added to their home to flow through to the outside as well. Here is what the home looked like...

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Smart homes: Tech You Don’t Need To Speak To

I have gone on multiple consultations where (typically) the male partner has set up Alexa to control the lights and it often fails when a female voice asks Alexa to turn on the lights. Multiple asks and yet no lights turn on. Have you had this experience? To preface,...

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How to Feel At Home In Your Home – Part 2

In the part one I talk about the importance of considering how you want to feel in each area of your home, how our memories contribute to how we feel about colour, along with lighting and the colour temperature of light. Check out Part One here. Today let's dive into...

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How To Have A Healthy Home

Recently I asked my Facebook Audience how healthy they rated their homes.  Today I'll talk about four ways you can increase the health of your home. ** I'm a little more technical in this post, if the science is not your thing, skip on over the sections where I detail...

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How to Feel at Home in Your Home – Part 1

I've always considered myself to be an adventurous soul. I love new experiences, places and foods. When my husband and I started our renovation journey nearly a year ago, we felt exhilarated and excited about the changes that would take our shell of a house to a...

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Choosing Colors for your home? Read this first.

Does choosing colors for your walls make you feel like this? Have you grabbed colour sample after colour sample but none of them work, or don’t look how you imagined? Every colour of paint has unique undertones. If you remember back to art class, you’ll likely...

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