Historic Church Hill Richmond Build – Part 2

This is part 2, of this Historic Church Hill, Richmond, Va project build, check out part 1 here. Now that the fence, and two custom structures are in place, the grading of the site can continue and the hardscaping can start! As the property is on a small slope I...

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Historic Church Hill Richmond Build – Part 1

Here is the Before! This is a typical Church Hill, Richmond,VA, Back Yard. Twenty Eight feet wide by 150 feet long, which includes the footprint of the home!! Right after you walk out the back door, you couldn't walk directly out the back door, you had to walk down...

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Building a “She Shed” Part 1 of 2

When we purchased our property I was deeply curious about the history behind the three cinderblock walls and concrete pad that had fallen into disrepair. Here is the story as I know it. Many years ago, a woman named Jessie and her sister decided to start a chinchilla...

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Working with ‘Typical Contractors’

We are done. The job is complete. It’s exactly what the contract stated we would do. Who’s heard this before from a contractor?   Over the past 16 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of contractors, male and female on residential and commercial design/build outdoor...

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Smart homes: Tech You Don’t Need To Speak To

I have gone on multiple consultations where (typically) the male partner has set up Alexa to control the lights and it often fails when a female voice asks Alexa to turn on the lights. Multiple asks and yet no lights turn on. Have you had this experience? To preface,...

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How to Feel At Home In Your Home – Part 2

In the part one I talk about the importance of considering how you want to feel in each area of your home, how our memories contribute to how we feel about colour, along with lighting and the colour temperature of light. Check out Part One here. Today let's dive into...

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How To Have A Healthy Home

Recently I asked my Facebook Audience how healthy they rated their homes.  Today I'll talk about four ways you can increase the health of your home. ** I'm a little more technical in this post, if the science is not your thing, skip on over the sections where I detail...

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